Residential Projects

Architectural Design Approach

My aim is to create beautiful places that will be loved by the people who use them. I feel that beauty in architecture comes from the harmony of all parts of the design forming a coherent whole, in which each part is also beautiful in itself.

I work with color, pattern, materials, and the play of natural and artificial light to intensify the beauty of spaces and also consider physical comfort, sounds, and tactile qualities. I believe that our lives can be deeply nurtured by our physical environments.

Green Sustainable Design &
Historic Preservation

I am committed to sustainable design and healthy environments, and I bring my knowledge of their principles to each project. I am experienced in historic preservation, and believe that our communities are enriched when we preserve and revitalize historic structures. I focus on the marriage of “green” and preservation when working on older buildings.

Alameda Bay Area Architect

ASA is a full-service architecture firm in Alameda, California, specializing in residential and other small projects throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. Projects include both new construction and alterations to existing buildings.

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